A Big Rail Trail Shout Out to the BC Wildfire Service Rapattack Crew!

BC Wildfire Service Rapattack Crews spent a couple days this month completing danger tree falling on the developing Shuswap North Okanagan Rail Trail. Before the trail can be fully converted to a safe and viable non motorized tourism trail corridor, several improvements must be completed on various sections of the trail. The danger tree falling that Rapattack crews completed this month is in preparation for machinery and personnel to start working on the rail trail line as capital funding is raised. Lets join with the Rapattack crew and help that happen – share this with your friends and encourage them to become a Rail Trail builder by purchasing metres at www.shuswapnorthokanaganrailtrail.ca/donate. Remember: Your Metres Matter!

Photo Credit: Jasper Edge, BC Wildfire Service Rapattack Crew