Thank you for your support!

Because of your financial support, we are accumulating the capital funding needed so the Rail Trail inter-jurisdictional partners can continue to apply for provincial and federal grants to start building the trail – one step at a time.

There are plenty of ways you can champion the rail trail – and here is how to get your name on this list.

Donor list last updated 13 July 2021

Suzanne Ackerman
David Aitken
Janet Aitken
Corrie Alexander
Helene Amber
Sharon Anderson
Askew’s Foods
Brian Ayotte
Rod Bailey
Gary & Shaunene Beales
Roger and Nan (Prittie) Beardmore
Lorraine Beaudoin
Jim and Marcia Beckner
Suzy Beckner
Leslie Beleski
BFM Holdings Ltd.
Warren Blair
Heather Blakeborough
Jodi Buker
Terry & Linda Buker
Hetty Burt
Cathy Caldwell
David Caldwell
Canoe Forest Products
Sylvia Carpenter
Blaine Carson
Anne Champion
Rod Charlebois
Don Couch
Paul and Virginia Cox
Dave and Pat Danforth
Alex de Chantal
Denis Delisle
Cindy Derkaz
Shelley Desautels
Danusia Donoff
Rodney Drennan
Kari Dukeshine
Michelle Easterbrook
Dan and Karen Effa
George Elamatha
Chad Eliason
Lynne Eshpeter
Carolyn Farris
Judith Fitzpatrick
Carl Flatman
Donna Flatman
Terrence Fletcher
Ethel & Gerald Freeman
Kaylee Garnett
Michael Gavel
Rod Gilmer
Susan Goodison
Lila Gray
Cathy Hall-Patch
Timothy Helle
Joyce Henderson
Rick Hirtle
Doug & Tara Hlina
Dick Humphries
Lorne Hunter
Pat Hutchins
Rudi Ingenhorst
Laura Jameson
Robin Johnston
Hermann Kerr
Lucille Ketemer
Gabriele Klein
Jens-Uwe Kloecking
Dorothy (Dot) Kohler
Bent Kristensen
Garry & Mary Landers
Cameron LaValley
Douglas & Karen LaValley
Tim Lavery
Peter Lawless
Philip Lawson
Catherine Lee
Kim Lefevre
Steven Leonhardt
Ritchie Leslie
Sylvia Lindgren
Judy Linkletter
Tracy Lundberg-Schimpf
Laura MacDonald
John MacGowan
Charles MacLennan
Eleanor Marshall
Rhona Martin
Greg McCune
Connie McDonald
Margie McEwen
Phil McIntyre-Paul
Chris McMahen
Sharon Melanson
Mike Melin
Marcia Mews
Kerry Miller
Debra Mills
Russel Mussio
Ron Neden
Lisa Nikmo
Marianne Nikmo
Okanagan Shuswap Century Ride
Betty Parsons
Jodi Pierce
Sylvia Repnow
Peter Rotzetter
Ciel Sander
Lisa Scharf
Mary Scheidegger
Ulli Schoene
Ken Schultis
Rod Schumacher
John Shapter
Pat Shea
Alan Shipmaker
Bill Smith
Johanna Spalteholz
Colin Spence
Wayne Spencer
Heather Stewart
Deb Stowell
Dean Temme
Roy Teto
Tim Thompson
Don & Dorothy Titus
Lisa Turnbull
Trails Society of BC
Ava Wagner & Anna Melvin
Reg Walters
Marnie & Paul Williamson
Susan Willms
David Witt
Marcia Woods
Cam Wright
Jim Wright
Elayna Young

Together, with your help, we are building a world-class rail trail corridor and investing in healthier communities, resilient economies, and active lifestyles for generations to come.