The strategic vision and goals for the Shuswap North Okanagan Rail-Trail include the following:

  • a commitment to work together cooperatively
  • unfolding the true story within Secwepemc territory and promoting communication and strengthened relationships between Secwepemc & municipal/regional communities and residents
  • the protection of sensitive environmental and cultural sites along the corridor
  • creation of tourism and transportation benefits for the region
  • revitalization of Splatsin culture and connections back to the land
  • maximizing the recreational and economic potential of the corridor
  • acknowledge agricultural values and the role of the Agricultural Land Commission
  • maintaining a continuous corridor for both walking & cycling recreation (and active transportation) in the near term, and potential use as a flexible multi-modal transportation corridor in the future, for the joint benefit of all regions
  • linking with the Okanagan Nation Territory and the Vernon-Kelowna rail-trail greenway and the Kelowna-to-Osoyoos greenway trail initiative in the south, in order to realize increased tourism value.